Mawlynnong village Travel Guide

Mawlynnong is a scenic village surrounded by green trees and vivid colorful flowers. It is located at a distance of 90 km from Shillong bordering Bangladesh. When you enter the village the throbbing sound of crickets and other insects greet you. Mawlynnong is widely regarded as the cleanest village in Asia. It is a community-centered village. Khasi people are very neat and clean by nature. They take very special care for the cleanliness of their home and the surrounding environment.

Maneuvering through the road towards Mawlynnong village, with the gorgeous hills accompanying you side by side, is an amazing scenic beauty you would love to see. The small lane after the Shillong Dawki junction is surrounded by bamboo trees, like standing there to welcome and escort you towards Mawlynnong village.

Best way to explore the village is setting out on foot. The villages greet you with a pretty smile and warm heart. At each and every nook of this village, you will be able to witness beautiful garden and varieties of hanging flowers. In front of every house and shop, villagers kept handmade bamboo baskets as dustbins.
Some interesting bamboo watch towers and bridges are also available here. You can enjoy climbing at bamboo platform named skywalk and enjoy bird eye view of nearby villages and Bangladesh plains. Several watchtowers are available in the Riwai and Mawlynnong village now. A small church also located in the corner of the village. You can opt to visit that church too.

Walk on to the age-old living root bridge which is also located in nearing Rewai village is a marvellous experience. The roots of the Rubber tree have been intertwined by each generation to form a pathway across a stream. You can also trek down to the natural pools and tingling waterfalls located nearby.

Things to do in Mawlynnong village :

  1. Walk down to witness the monumental Living Root bridge
  2. Stop by the road and take glance of the balancing Rock
  3. Visit small village Church in the Mawlynnong village.
  4. Eat delicious food in a home stay or hotel at Mawlynnong village.
  5. Take photos of beautiful and colorful orchids surrounding the area.



Tourist attractions in Mawlynnong village

Balancing Rock Mawlynnong
Balancing Rock at Mawlynnong village
Tourist Attraction in Mawlynnong
Rewai Living Root bridge
Things to do in Mawlynnong
Sky walk in Mawlynnong village

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