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Treat yourself with a memorable visit to the homeland of the Aptani Tribes, the pristine beautiful land known as Ziro or Apatani Plateau. Awarded as a World Heritage Site for its stunning natural beauty, Ziro valley is a surrounded by lush green paddy fields in the midst of the pine clad mountains. Located about 1500 meters above sea level, Ziro is the headquarter of Lower Subansiri District.

Surrounded by majestic Himalayan ranges and Patkai range of mountains, Ziro is a charming valley covered with dense forest of vivid flora and faunas. The single stem bamboo and blue colored pine are available here. Bamboo grooves is a worth visiting place to witness the unique bamboo forests. One can take a walk around the Pine trees for a mesmerizing journey to enjoy the beauty of pine forest in Nago Putu. Invigorating mountain breeze and beautiful Apatni peoples will also greet you.

Apart from facinating natuaral landscape Apatani plateau offers you some unique cultivation techniques which are worth seeing. In ziro plateau fishes are rear along with paddy cultivation. After transplanting of paddy from the nursery in wet rice cultivation field, the fish fingerlings are put in the channels in paddy field at knee-deep height and kept their for 2-3 months and then start harvesting of fish.

Ziro is a also a fascinating stop for adventure lovers. It offers Hiking and Trekking in nearby hills. One can treak to Pepu Cumyu peak which is about 7200 feet, Shiva lingam and the dense forests of TALEY WILD LIFE SANCTUARY have some amazing trekking trails.

Beautiful handicrafted colorful handloom cloths are another representation of Ziro.

Plan a Trip to Ziro during Ziro Music Fstivalto enjoy the beauty of Ziro with lots of outdoor activities like music concerts, camping, cycling and so on.


Ziro Valley


Paddy fields in Ziro



Major tourist attractions in Ziro are :

Located at a distance of 7 km. from old Ziro, It is a scenic place endowed with green vista. it offers stunning views of Ziro plateau and snow clad mountain ranges of Himalayas.

Midey is a tranquil place famous for the biggest and tallest Blue pine tree (Pinus wallichina) in the Apatani valley which is about 7metre GBH ( girth at breast height). Walking through this tall tree is very pleasant and it is surrounded by a bamboo groove beneath the paddy fields.

Located at the top of a Hillock in old ziro, ZIRO PUTU is a mesmerizing and calm place filled with the enchanting wind breeze blowing at a moderate speed. The spot is enriched with the breathtaking view of ziro plateau amidst colorful paddy field, filled colored with all shades of green and yellow. The first administrative centre was set up after India's independence and old ARMY cantonment is located here.

Situated in the top of a hillock, which is famous for the legendary love story between the couple " DOLO & MANDO". From the top of the hillock, one can witness the wide panoramic view of Hapoli town, Ziro, aerodrome, rice farms and the mountains around Ziro Valley.

Hapoli (New Ziro), about 7km south of Ziro, has basic urban infrastructure and road transport. A scenic beautiful place served as the headquarter of Lower Subansiri District Administration . It is a beautiful town surrounded by lush green rice fields behind the majestic Pataki hills. Hapoli has derived its name from "Hao-Polyang". In the local language, "hao" means high or above and "polyang" means plain or plateau.

Aptani people practice traditional breeding and fishing practices. Fishes are raised here and sold to farmers, who later place them in their terraced rice farms for PADDY CUM FISH CULTIVATION. This place is must visit to witness the Aptani Fish cultivation method. It is located at a distance of about 3.5 km from Hapoli Town, The fingerlings are sold during paddy cultivation season.

Covering an area of 337 sq. km. Taley wildlife sanctuary is a home to large number of flora and fauna ranging from sub-tropical to alpine forests which is one of the largest wildlfe centuries in India Talley plateau is covered with thick dense forest of silver fir trees and pine trees , variety of rhodendron, orchids, ferns and varieties of bamboo. Pleioblastus Simone is a bamboo species that is found only in Talley Valley.
The trekking trail goes as Hong village - Pange - Moko - Talley Valley.
which is nearly 32 KM north east of ZIRO.

Meghna Cave Temple:
AMeghna Cave Temple is a ancient cave temple around 5000 years and it was rediscovered in the year 1962. Located at an altitude of 300 feet, the temple offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Majestic mountains, dense forests presenting lush greenery to your eyes and beautiful river flowing below give you the most wonderful experience. You will be at a loss for words to describe the immense beauty of the place. Set your camera in motion so that you will be able to relive the memories on your return.

Located at a distance of 4 Km away from Hapoli town, It is a giant stone 25ft. and 22 ft width curved in the shape of big Shiva Linga. Million of devotees offer their prayers here. It was an ethereal and spiritual experience to trek up the hill and view the shivalinga A fable is also associated with this temple. People believed that one can see images of Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha with tree trunk turning leftward.


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Things to do in Ziro

Mehao wildlife sanctuary

Visit Tarin fish farm

Orchid research center

Visit Orchid research center

ziro festival

Visit India's greatest outdoor festival (ZFM) held in the month of Sep or Oct every year

Sirro Resort

To experience the life style of the tribes, spent a night at Sirro Resort or Abasa Homestay

Best Time to visit Ziro


The climate of Ziro is pleasant and cool throughout the year. Summer starts from the months of April through June, temperatures ranging from 6.3°C and 28.1°C. This season, just before the monsoon, is considered a good time to travel to Ziro.


The monsoons prevail from the months of July to September. Since weather is not consistent throughout the day. You can carry light woolen garments while travelling to Ziro. Rainfall last longer and the weather conditions are damp for a long time here.


Winter is start from the month of November and lasts till March. The minimum temperature during these days ranges between 1.0°C and 18.4°C

How to reach Ziro

By Air

The nearest airport to Ziro is at Tezpur, which is located at a distance of 300 km. The airport at Tezpur is connected to Kolakata and Silchar by weekly flights. Private cab and taxis are available at the Tezpur airport to go onwards to Ziro. We help you to arrange cab at any time to visit ziro.
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By Railways

Ziro does not have its own railway station and the nearest railway station is at North Lakhimpur(Assam), which is located at a distance of 118km. Which is connected by Arunachal Express from New Bongaigaon via Guwahti. Another major railhead is Guwahati railway station which is well connected to the Major cities of India.

By Road

State Transport buses are available to Ziro from Itanagar and Laxhimpur(Assam). Tata sumos are also available from Itanagar (320 km), Lakhimpur (310 km) and Daporijo (168 km).

Special Note :

Indians require special inner line permits to visit Ziro while foreign tourists intending to visit Arunachal Pradesh require restricted area permit. We can help you to collect Inner line permit and organsize Ziro tour via special 4 wd. Click here to book a Ziro trip.

Where to stay in Ziro

Various accomodation of differnt types ranging from Home stay to resorts and hotels are available for stay in Ziro valley. Some of them are :

Abasa Homestay : For a memorable homestay experience you could consider a night stay at the lovely Abasa Homestay, or Sirro Resort. Abasa Homestay is run by the friendly and hospitable Kago Kampu, in Siiro village.

Sirro Resort :It is another beautiful resort nestled among pines and ferns in the hills above Ziro Valley. The interiors of the resort is very beautiful with wooden furniture. It also houses a small library with collection of old and rare books on the tribes.

Ziro Valley Resort : This is another beautiful resort situated in the outskirt of the main town near helipad. you can enjoy the lush green paddy fields and mild breeze from here.

Hotel Blue Pine offers the best-value lodging in Hapoli, with beautifully decorated wood-panelled rooms.

Tourist Places near Ziro



Located at a distance of 168 km on the way to ziro from Tezpur, Itanagar is a scenic hill station and the working capital of Arunachal Pradesh. It is well known for unique culture and hospitality of the different tribes living together in harmony. Situated on the foothill of majestic Himalaya, Itanagar is blessed with a very pleasant atmosphere. Ganga lake, Ita fort, Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum and a Kyong Theraveda Gompa are the charm of Itanagar.
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Daporijo is another fascinating scenic place located at a distance of 160 km from Ziro, in the upper Subansiri district situated by the side of majestic Subansiri River. Some of the major tourist attractions of this place are Meghna Cave Temple, Museum and Craft Centre, suspension bridges over theSubansiri River and Sigem-Daporijo Reserve forest and Kamala Reserve forest. Which houses rich varieties of avi-fauna.



Located at a distance of 300 km on the way to Zero from Guwahati, it is a historical city and a very popular tourist destination in Assam. It is the gateway of eastern Arunachal Pradesh, a land of natural beauty, ancient monuments and rich cultural heritage. It is gifted with natural scenic beauty as well as many ancient ruins of archaeological importance for which it is regarded as one of the historical city of the state.
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One among the oldest town in Arunachal Pradesh, located at a distance of 318km from Ziro, it is a scenic beautiful town served as the head headquarters of East Siang district. Pasighat is the land of the Siang Tribes. The scenic vista of Pasighat baffles the tourists with their picturesque views. The Daying Ering Sanctuary with wide variety of flora and fauna is a major tourist destination here. Tourist can also witness the glory of the past and the bravery of Adi tribe against British at Gomsi, Kekar Monying and Komsing.



Palin is a alluring tourist destination with an verdant valleys and majestic hills, located at a distance of 76 km from ziro. Pallin is the home of Nyishi community of Kurung Kumey District. These tribes are famous for long hair which they tie in the front portion of the head, kept tied in a bun, giving a look like a tuff.

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