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Parashuram Kund

Parashuram Kund is a Holy place visited by thousands of devotees every year. It is situated on the outskirts Brahmaputra plateau in the Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a fascinating place with an alluring landscape of majestic hills and widespread Brahmaputra river. The road to Parashuram Kund passes through dense forest and gigantic hills which is a breathtaking experience of its own. It also serves as an amazing picnic spot visited by thousands of people in winter for its scenic beauty.

Prasuram Kunda is a sacred place, according to Hindu mythology. Despite of severe cold, in 1st week of January, on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, thousands of devotees and sadhus take holy dip the pristine water ofParashuram Kund.

The name Parashuram Kund originates from the legendary story of sage Prasuram recorded in the Kalika Purana. Legend says that sage Parshuram killed his mother with an axe, adjured by his father. After this, the axe got stuck in his hands. He wandered everywhere, but all was in vain. Then he took a dip in the Lohit River in Brahma Kunda and the axe came free and fell down. Since then, the Kund has been known as the Parshuram Kund.

Facilities for trekking from Tezu to Glow lake is also available, which takes one day. You can also enjoy hiking, river rafting and angling on the river Lohit.

What to see: Parashuram Kund, Glow Lake, Tezu.
Best Time: During Parashuram Kund fair held in 1st week of January.


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Best Time to visit Parashuram Kund

weather of Parasuram Kund is moderate during summer. It ranges between 26° to 8°C during summer months. During winter the weather is extremely cold. Sometimes it drops to -12 °C. Generally, weather in winter ranges between 27° to -9°C. Heavy woollens are necessary during winter.

Best Time to visit: November to Feburary.

How to reach Parashuram Kund

By Air

Nearest Airport is Tezu airport located at a distance of 20 km. Another nearest airport is Dibrugarh Airport(Assam) at a distance of 200 km from Parasuram Kund.

By Railways

The nearest railway station is at Tinsukia, which is located at a distance of 154 km from Parasuram Kund. From Tinsukia buses are available via Namsai and Sadia.

By Road

Buses are available to Parasuram Kund from Tinsukia, Sadia and Tezu. From Tezu buses are available via Wakro.

Where to stay in Parashuram Kund

Circuit House and Inspection Bungalow at Tezu are the best options to stay near Parasuram Kund. Another option to visit Parashuram Kund is opted for a day long trip to here from Sadia or Tinsukia district of Assam.

Tourist Map of Parashuram Kund