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Situated in north eastern region of Arunachal Pradesh, Anjaw is a beautiful place with serene river banks and riveting landscapes. Anjaw district consists of seven administrative units including Hawai, Kibithoo, Manchal, Walong, Chaglogam, Goiliang and Hayuliang. All these places are blessed with extraordinary scenic beauty, which makes Anjaw an exclusive destination for tourists all over the world.

Being located the an altitude of 1,296 meters from sea level and sharing its border with China, Anjaw is rich in rare species of wildlife and flora and fauna. In Anjaw, Tezu is the place one should never miss. Spouting water streams, wavy hills and Rock-strewn Mountains make Tezu a unique destination. The local Mishmi tribe and their culture, cloths and traditions opens up a complete different world to explore and experience.

Places to visit in Anjaw

Hayuliang is another main attractions of Anjaw famous for beautiful view at the union of Lohit and Dalai River. Just 100 kilometers away from Tezu, Hayiliang is a favourite destination for trekking, hiking and camping in the midst of the nature.

On left side of the Lohit River, Hawai- one of the most visited attractions of Anjaw is situated. Hawai is the headquater of the Anjaw district.

Kibithu is another pristine village located in the LAC of India 27 KM South from District head quarters of Hawai. It is situated in the last road that leads to in the extreme North-eastern part of India.

Anothe major attraction of Anjaw is Anjaw Bridge-a 50 meter long cable suspension brigde, made over Lohit River is spectacular.

Places to visit in Anjaw






Top tourist places in anjaw

  • Kibithoo
  • Tezu
  • Hawai
  • Hayuliang
  • Dong
  • Walong
  • Chaglogam

Major Festival in Anjaw

Siang River Festival is one of the most famous festivals of Arunachal Pradesh. This festival is celebrated in the month of December for the communal accord. Previously Tezu and Pasighat used to host the festival and was named Brahmaputra Darshan festival but later it became Sinag River Festival organized by Tuting, Yingkiong and Pasighat. Unlike any other festival, Sinag River festival slots in adventure, learning and entertainment together. Interesting activities like traditional boat race, various games if Mishmis, elephant race, river rafting, customary food and dance and other ethnic shows can be seen and enjoyed here. When planning to visit Anjaw, it is advisable to book holiday to Anjaw during festival season. In fact, festivals are the best way to get a glimpse of soul of any place and its culture.

Planning your holiday to Anjaw, Arunachal Pradesh

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Special Note :

Indians require special inner line permits to visit Anjaw while foreign tourists intending to visit Arunachal Pradesh require restricted area permit. We can help you to collect Inner line permit and organsize Anjaw tour.

Thing to do and places to visit in Anjaw


Enjoy river rafting and hiking at Tezu


Sightseeing at Hawai and Hayuliang

Hawai suspension bridge

Visit Hawai suspension bridge over Lohit river

Siang River Festival

Experience Siang River Festival celebrated in the month of December

Best Time to visit Anjaw


Summers are the best time to visit Anjaw, as weather conditions remains pleasant due to breezy wind coming through dense forests and mountains. Summers in Anjow start from April and lasts till June. Temperature in summers remains between 16°C to 35°C


July, August and September are the Monsoon months in Anjaw. Overwhelming rainfall from 110.43 mm to 3644 mm makes this place an unpredictable destination for Monsoons.


Winters are pleasant in Anjaw, as the temperature remains between 5°C to 25°C with warm sunshine. Winters start in Anjaw from the mid October and remains till spring knocks in February end. Anjaw tourism flourishes the most in winters than any other season. Book a Tour to Anjaw with us in advance and enjoy various festive colors of Arunachal.

How to reach Anjaw

By Air

Nearest airport to Anjaw is Tezu; Helicopter services are also available from Tezu to Hayuliang. However, choosing helicopter service is a convenient option but it is suggested to hire a cab from Dibrugarh or Tezu to not miss the incredible landscapes spread all over the way.

By Railways

Tinsukia in Assam is the nearest railway station from Anjaw. From Tinsukia you can book a cab or take buses for further journey.

By Road

One can reach Anjawby NH52 using frequently available state transport buses. These buses can be taken from nearby cities i.e.Tezu, Daparjito, Pasighat, Along and Ziro.

Where to stay in Anjaw

You can stay in the following hotels and Guest houses in Hayuliang and Anjaw.

Hayuliang Guest House

Hawai Circuit House, Hawai

Oshin Hotel
Tezu, Aruranchal Pradesh

Saru Hotel
Chai Market, Tezu, Aruranchal Pradesh

Sharma Hotel
Main Market, Tezu, Aruranchal Pradesh

Shaivam Hotel
Main Market, Tezu, Aruranchal Pradesh

Tourist places near Anjaw

Parasuram Kund

Parasuram Kund

A sacred place with great religious significance, ParasuramKunda attracts visitors from all over the county. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit parasuramkund during parasurammela in the month of January and take a dip in the holy water. There is also a temple of Parasuram near the lake; its glimpse fills every visitor's heart with immense spiritual inspiration.



A famous hill station with great scenic beauty, Tezu is one of the favorite destination to spend time with family and friends. Apart from great scenic beauty, Tezu has a lot to see and explore for every visitor. Some of the main attractions of Tezu are ParashuramKund, Buddha-Vihar, Glow Lake and District Museum/Craft Centers. For people seeking some adventure during their trip, activities like hiking, trekking and river rafting can be the real fun.



Known as a place full of bamboos, Walong is a great place to spend holidays. Situated at 1094 m from the sea level, Walong is a place with gifted natural beauty. The main attraction of Walong is Namti Valley- a beautiful valley surrounded by pine forests is also the witness of sacrifice of brave Indian soldiers in the war of 1962. The forests of Walong are also home to rare mammals' species.


Namdapha National Park

One of the three largest national parks in India, Namdapha national park is known for its incredible biodiversity. Situated in Chalglang district in Arunachal Pradesh, its evergreen rainforests and variety of flora-fauna and wildlife species make it the favorite destination of biologists, researchers, students and even casual tourists. Various cat species like leopards, snow leopards, clouded leopards and tigers can be seen in Namdapha national park.



Namsai is a wonderful tourist destination in the Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh. Also known as land of Golden Pagoda, Namsaiis famous for its tradition, culture and religious values. In nearby Dihingriver, a 660 meter long bridge is spectacular. In Tengpani area of Namsai Golden Pagoda is created, which is a symbol of peace and integrity. When in Namsai, one must visit Buddha Vihar, Glow lake, Chongkham and Momong Monastery.



Tinsukia is a well-developed city in Assam, known for being a destination for fun, learning and exploring. Gifted with beautiful landscapes, Tinsukiais the entryway to multiple wildlife sanctuaries and beautiful villages. Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, Bherjan-Borjan-Padumoni Wildlife Sanctuary, DehingPatkai Wildlife Sanctuary and bell temple are some of main attractions of Tinsukia.

Tourist Map of Anjaw