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Roing Tourism and Travel Guide

Roing is a picture book destination located at the foothill of the Mishmi Hills in eastern Arunachal Pradesh. It is a heaven for explorers and adventure seekers and a visual delight for the eyes. Situated in Lower Dibang Valley, it is a lush green valley covered with lofty hills, natural waterfalls and verdurous valley. Major attractions of this place is enchanting sunset in the Dibang river and snow-covered mountain passes, and numerous Streams flow through stony river beds.

Winter in Roing is very captivating with snow covered Sally lake, Mehao lake and Mayudia mountain pass. The road leading to the picturesque Roing is blanketed by tea plantations, which itself is a refreshing experience.

Two majestic lakes of eastern Arunachal Pradesh, Sally lake and Mehao Lake are situated just 3 km and 17 km away from Roing. These two lakes are heaven for nature lovers with numerous birds and rare butterflies. Another attraction is Roing is the Mehao wildlife century, which houses several indigenous species of flora and fauna. Teak to Mehao wildlife century and Mehao Lake is a must include in your travel profile. Nehru Van Udyan is another place worth visiting for fascinating orchids and cactus garden.

Besides picture book destinations, Roing also offers the essence of the past life and culture of the Mishmi tribe at 12th-century Bhishmaknagar Fort.

Tribal villages of the Idu Mishmi community are another worth watching place in Roing. In addition, there are several attractions to explore like Baily Bridge on Deopani River, Iphi-Pani Ghat, Nijomghat, Rukmini Nati etc.


Mayudia Pass in winter

Roing Tourism

Scenic hills of Roing


Beautiful Lohit river at Roing

Tourist attractions in Roing :

Located at a distance of 56km from Roing, Mayudia is a stunning a hill resort situated at an altitude of 7000 feet, covered with lush green forests and breathtaking landscapes. Mayudia is a must visit during winter to enjoy magical snowfall. It remains snow covered in the winter months from November till April. It is a gateway to the Indo-China border, which offers a great opportunity for adventure lovers. Trekking to high altitude Mayudia peak is a memorable experience. The road to Mayudia is very enchanting with winding leans which passes through the Mehao wildlife century. It is advised to carry the basic equipment, food and water for an emergency due to lake of proper facilities for tourists during extreme winter.

Mehao Lake
Located 14 km from Roing, at an altitude of 3000 ft, the ethereally beautiful Mehao Lake is a must on every visitor's itinerary. Spreading an area of 4 sq. km., it is a winsome lake filled with crystal clear water. Located in The Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Mehao Lake is a pristine, beautiful lake surrounded by dense green forest amidst beautiful flowers and plants. Trekking into the macho lake following a strip path through Mehao wildlife centuries is a unique experience.

Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary
Situated at a distance of 14 km from Roing, spread over 4,149 km, it is a remarkable destination which harbored various indigenous species of flora and fauna, including tiger, leopard, jackal, Himalayan black bear, Indian porcupine, wild dog and rare mammals such as Mishmi Takin, Red Goral and Gongshan Muntjac etc. You can also witness the rare sclater's monal bird. This Tropical Evergreen Forest is also famous for Mishmi Hills Giant flying squirrel found in this rain area.

Bhismaknagar Fort
Bhismaknagar Fort is a remarkable architectural wonder of Arunachal Pradesh. Located at a distance of 30 km from Roing, it was built with burnt bricks during the 12th century. It is a world of its own, retaining the specimens of a bygone era and still proud of those days. One can witness various age-old artefacts found during the excavation process such as potteries, terracotta figurines, terracotta plaques and decorative tiles, etc. Its structure covers an area of around 1860.52 sq m and houses three halls, six entrances and two extension rooms.

Situated 15 km from Roing, Nijomaghat is another remarkable tourist attraction constructed the British during the 19th century to enable them to access the Mishmi hills. It was named after J.F. Needham, a British Political officer. It is an alluring picnic spot with lush green mountains, rocky landscape and beautiful river. At Nijomaghat you can also enjoy the ferry ride that connects Roing with Dambuk.

Iphi-Pani Ghat
Situated around 10 km from Roing, Iphi-Pani Ghat is a scenic destination which offers spectacular views of Dibang valley. Locals come here for fishing and angling. It is a fascinating picnic spot situated amidst lush green hills.


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Things to do in Roing

Mehao wildlife sanctuary

Unexplored Mehao wildlife sanctuary.

Sally lake

Beautiful Mehao Lake and Sally lake.

Bhismaknagar Fort

Spent an evening in the Bhismaknagar Fort.

Best Time to visit Roing


Summers in Roing start from May to August. These months will experience a maximum temperature of around 30°C and a minimum temperature of around 15°. The best time to visit Roing would be during the winter months to enjoy magical snowfall at Mayodia.


The monsoon season is during the months of July and August, and these months will experience heavy rainfall. Travelling to Roing during Monsoon is quite difficult due to bumpy road condition and flood. The area is generally inaccessible between may and August because of flood in Brahmaputra river.


Winters Roing starts from the months of October and last till March. Pick winter months December and January experience a maximum temperature of around 24°C and a minimum temperature of below 0°C.

How to reach Roing

By Air

The nearest airport of Roing is Dibrugarh Airport, which is located at a distance of 152 km.
Another nearest International Airport is Guwahati airport located at a distance of 600km from Roing.

By Railways

Tinsukia is the major railway station closest to Roing located at a distance of 106 km away. You can avail state transport bus or shared taxi to reach Roing from Tinsukia.

By Road

Roing is connected to Tinsukia, a major town of Assam, which separates Arunachal by the mighty Brahmaputra river. We can reach Roing, by road from Tinsukia via newly constructed Dhola sadiya bridge referrred as the Bhupen Hazarika Setu. Which has a length of ‎9.15 km, the longest bridge in India. Arunachal Pradesh State Transport bus service is available from Tinsukia to Roing. Private buses and taxis are also available to Roing at Tinsukia.

One can also visit Roing from Paglam. You will find are two check gates before entering Arunachal Pradesh. One is at Shantipur and the other at Paglam. The distance from Tinsukia to Shantipur check-gate is about 70 km and from Shantipur to Roing is about 23 km.

You can also reach roing from Tezu via Sunpura road or from Pasighat via Dambuk and Nijomghat. The distance of Roing from Tezu is about 100 km. Buses ply regularly across the routes, as do private taxis.

Special Note :

Indians require special inner line permits to visit Roing while foreign tourists intending to visit Arunachal Pradesh require restricted area permit. We can help you to collect Inner line permit and organize Roing tour. Click here to book a Roing trip.

Where to stay in Roing

Some of the best options to stay in Roing are :

1. Circuit House, Roing
2 Saley Lake (IB)
3. Mayudia Tourist Lodge
4. Circuit House, Anini
5. Mishmi Hill Camp
6. Dibang Valley Jungle Camp

Other Hotels in Roing are
1. Hotel Lasa
2. Hotel Mimu, Roing
3. Anchal Samiti Guest House
4.Eje Breeze Tower

Tourist Places near Roing



Located at 5000 feet above sea level, at a distance of 90 km from Roing, Hunli is a picturesque hamlet nestled in the Lower Dibang valley. It is a picturesque destination with an amazing view of mountains and valleys. Driving from Roing to Hunli through picture postcard landscape is a memory of a lifetime. Cave temple at Kupunli is the prime attraction here.



Located at a distance of 234 km from Roing, Anni is the next stop while you are travelling from Roing to Mayudia. It is a lush green and pristine valley surrounded by towering hills and sudden waterfalls. The beautiful hill resort Anini is located in the upper Dibang valley, from where one can oversee the free-flowing Dri River. It is a calm hamlet still unpolluted by civilization.



One among the oldest town in Arunachal Pradesh, located at a distance of 303km from Roing, it is a scenic beautiful town served as the head headquarters of East Siang district. The scenic vista of Pasighat baffles the tourists with their picturesque views. The Daying Ering Sanctuary with a wide variety of flora and fauna is a major tourist destination here. Tourist can also witness the glory of the past and the bravery of Adi tribe against British at Gomsi, Kekar Monying and Komsing.

Roing Tourist Map