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Welcome to North East India

Explore the Scenic Beauty , Wildlife, Blue Mountains, Wavering rivers, Green Valleys,
Flora & fauna and the most Colourful Tribes & Festivals.

Asia's largest river island.
Come and Enjoy our legendary cultural heritage.

Majuli Tour

Starting from Rs 16,200

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Majuli culture
Majuli Mask

Enjoy a rainy day, cascading waterfalls &
fluffy clouds at the heart of the wettest place on earth.

Cherrapunji Tour

Starting from Rs 13,983

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The home of Nagas.
Have a glimps of unique customs and traditions of colourful tribes.

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Naga Tribe
Naga Woman
Get to know North East India

Check out the states of seven sisters
blessed with the boon of natural beauty,
uncountable waterfalls, majestic hills,
tranquil landscape and magical biodiversity
in the form of birds and animals.

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