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Wokha, the 3rd largest town in Nagaland, is a place that is replete with abundant natural beauty. Blue Mountains, placid rivers and unique folk culture are the trademark highlights of Wokha Town. The place has an interesting tryst with history, as evident from the stone monoliths found on its hills. Lotha tribal community of people are the main inhabitants of Wokha Town who commonly call themselves Kyong. English is the official language of this town, which is situated at 1313m above sea level. However, the mostly spoken languages here are Kyong and Nagamese. Christianity is the predominant religion here.

The three main sources of living for people of Wokha are agriculture, horticulture and fishing. Rice is the staple food of the inhabitants. True to the tribal flavour of almost all other areas of North East India, Wokha too has its share of festivities and celebrations. TokhuEmong and Pikhuchak are the two most important festivals in this area. The former is celebrated on 7th November and people gather in large numbers dancing merrily to traditional music, accompanied by heavy food and drinks. The latter is a tribal festival.
Wokha can be visited during anytime of the year; however, the climate is pleasant during the months between January and May, making it the ideal time for your travel.

Places to visit in Wokha

When you come to this serene town, do not miss out on the following places:

  • Doyang River & Hydro Project: Nature lovers just cannot afford to miss this river. This river is apt for camping and fishing. This river is probably the major highlight of Wokha town. As you go along the backwaters of this river, you can get to spot migratory falcons (all the way from Russia), if you are lucky!
  • Mount Tiyi: Situated at a height of 1968m above sea level, this mountain was referred to as the "mountain of life" in the olden days and inspired many folk songs. However, of late, this place has not been getting the attention it deserves.

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Things to do in Wokha

Umngot River

Watch magnificant Hydro Project constructed on the Doyang River.

royal place Jowai

Visit Mount Tiyi, locals believed it as the abode of departed souls.

How to reach Wokha

Wokha by Air

Dimapur airport, the only one in Nagaland, is situated at a distance of 61km from Wokha.

Wokha by railways

Dimpur railway station, at a distance of 64km away from Wokha, is the nearest rail head to get to this place.

Wokha by road

Located at about 75km from the capital city of Wokha, Wokha can be reached by the NH connecting Wokha with Mokochung.

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