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Nature is very appealing to one and all and it is in the lap of nature that every one of us really gets to connect with our inner most wishes and self. The calmness, the gurgling streams of crystal water, the folds of green mountains that only get hidden partially by a random puff of cloud, and the sweet call of a bird from some far off tree, just makes the entire place very serene and blissful. To experience such a place, a visit to Nagaland is a great suggestion, but more specifically a visit to the beautiful and untouched vales of Tuensang district is ideal. Visit Tuensang, the district headquarters of the largest and the eastern most districts in Nagaland.

The Tuensang district is an abode of important tribes of Changs, Semas, Phoms, Yimchungers and others. It is also noted for its very close proximity to Myanmar's border. The beautiful district of Mon lies on the north of Tuensang.

Tuensang district is famous for its rich and vibrant tribal rituals and their culture. The earliest tribe to settle down in these parts is Chang tribe and their village is Changsangmongko. The living stones of Longtrok are considered holy and of course, the Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary are the places that are visited by anyone who visits Tuensang.

If you are a non-vegetarian, then Pork with kidney beans is a major dish that you should not miss. Vegetarians have little choice of food to pick from.

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Things to do in Tuensang

royal place Jowai

Take a pick from the handicrafts and arts on display at Noklak village.


Mount Saramati from Chang village is the highest point ideal for you to get a bird's eye view of the entire rolling greens.

Best Time to visit Tuensang


The Summer months of March, April and May are the ideal months to explore the depths of this mystic district and even go sightseeing or hiking across the nearby places. The summer months are the best time since, the days and nights are pleasant during these three months. In fact, book a holiday to Tuensang as early as possible to reach the place since this is the peak season.


The district experiences heavy rainfall and this is not suitable for the tourists at all. Tuensang experiences medium to heavy downpours making it very risky for the tourists to go out anywhere at all. Moreover, the road conditions are not suitable for driving from anywhere to Tuensang at that time.


The temperature falls to nearly four and strong wind from the west makes it very difficult for the people to leave their homes during the winter months. So, touring much of the district during this time of the year is not commendable.

How to reach Tuensang

Tuensang by Air

Tuensang airport is the closest major airport. It has great connectivity with other cities in India and even in North Eastern cities. From the airport, book a cab to Tuensang or get in to one of the many buses to reach. The airport at Jorhat, Assam is also quite close to Tuensang.

Tuensang by railways

Tuensang railway station is one of the major railway stations from where you can go to Tuensang. You may also alight at Amguri railway station in Assam and hire a cab to Tuensang.

Tuensang by road

National Highway 155 connects Tuensang with Tuensang and all the other cities and nearby towns. So, whichever railway station or airport you alight, your taxi or bus would be traveling through this highway to reach Tuensang.

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