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Mokokchung Travel Guide

Driving down south from Jorhat, Assam, the hills and ranges of the famous Mokokchung district of Nagaland begins to rise up in front of your eyes. The ranges and hillocks are what makes the district of Mokokchung , a very special hub to visit with your camera, your notebook, and pen to note every little moment that the district is going to surprise you with. If you think that you have seen a lot of places in the nearby Tuensang or Zubheboto of Nagaland, missing out on Mokokchung would be wrong. Filled with rhododendrons and shrines, bright Ao Naga tribes with their welcoming smiles, and the festivals aplenty, there is never a dull moment in Mokokchung district.

The six mountain ranges that run parallel have their own small hamlets but the Langpangkong, with its mesmerizing maze of caves to keep you engaged is one of the highlights. The Langpangkong cave on the Langpangkong range is known for providing shelter to the Ahom King many years ago.

Similarly, every other range has its own history, its own significance that would make you visit each of these places and yet the best part is visit Mokokchung during their festival Mokokchung ths. Chuchuyimlang village in Mokokchung is known for its host of festivals that are specialty of the Ao Naga tribe and Molung village, which was the first Ao Naga tribal village. All these places have deep-routed ethnicity and where life is all about respecting their traditional culture.

Nature too has blessed these parts and with the scenic Longkhum village with its winding U-Bend roads and small thatched huts on the hillsides are the places which no one should miss. The view of the rhododendrons from the higher ranges is simply picturesque. The ranges of Tzurangkong and Asetkong are known for their dense forests filled with various native and migratory birds. The free flowing rivers Melak and Menung that tumble down from the hillocks and undulating rocks, would make you wish to sit and watch the river make a path of its own from the wilderness to the sunshine in the open. All these would make you wish to plan a holiday to Mokokchung at the earliest.

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Things to do in Mokokchung

Longkhum Village hut

Visiting Longkhum Village to witness the beautiful thatched huts of Ao Naga tribe.

footprints of Jina and Etiben

Witness the footprints of Jina and Etiben, the Romeo and Juliet of the Ao Naga tribe at Longkhum Village.

 Mopungchuke village

Watch the longest drum at the Mopungchuke village.

Mapungchuket village time pillar

Watch the carving time pillar and traditional Ao culture artifacts in the village museum of Mapungchuket village.

Best Time to visit Mokokchung


Located at an altitude of 1325 mts from the sea level, the entire district of Mokokchung enjoys moderately hot and humid climatic conditions all year round.

Mokokchung soon

The rainy season is during July to September end and the rains are quite sufficient all through the year. Average temperature is around 20 degree Celsius.


Winter is the best time of the year when tourists really enjoy coming. So, book a cab to travel Mokokchung.

How to reach Mokokchung

Mokokchung by Air

Jorhat airport is the closest at a distance of around 100 kilometers, and Dimapur airport at 212 kilometers from the main district of Mokokchung. You shall be able to get flights to Jorhat and Dimapur from Guwahati or Kolkata daily.

Mokokchung by railways

Since Mokokchung falls on the National Highway 61, it is well connected to other towns and districts in Nagaland, and even to Assam's Jorhat by road. Hire a cab to Mokokchung from Jorhat to take this scenic route of NH61.

Mokokchung by road

: To reach Mokokchung, you shall take any of the trains going to Dibrugarh or Tinsukhia in Assam and halting at Mariani railway station in Assam. You shall even de-board at Jorhat too and then take the cab to Mokokchung.

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