Top places to visit and activities to do in Mawlynnong

Things to do in Mawlynnong village

Regarded as the cleanest village Asia, Mawlynnong village is an ideal destination to spend some free time away from the busy city life. Trekking in the living root bridge, watching village life, exploring the surreal beauty of the nearest waterfalls are some of the best activities here. Read to know about top activities in Mawlynnong village.

khasi food at Mawlynnong village

Enjoy delicious Khasi food in a homestay or a hotel.

sky walk Mawlynnong village tourism guide

Enjoy the panoramic view of Bangladesh plain and nearby areas from the top of a skywalk.

mawlynnong living root bridge

Go for a short trek in the living root bridge located in the nearby Rewai village.

shopping at Mawlynnong village

Buy souvenir and exclusive handmade items made of bamboo.

mawlynnong village images

Relax and chat with friendly locals.

Mawlynnong waterfall

Explore splendid 'Kshaid Peng Shuwa' waterfalls or Mawlynnong waterfall located in the nearby Nohwet village.

mawlynnong homestay

Spent a night in a tranquil homestay in the Mawlynnong village and enjoying the scenic surrounding.

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