How to reach Nongstoin

Nongstoin by Air

Umroi Airport at Shillong is the nearest airport, which is located at distance of 96 km. from Shillong town. Guwahati International Airport is the nearest International Airport located at a distance of 129 km. from Shillong. Taxis are available to Nongstoin from Shillong.

Nongstoin by Railways

Nongstoin does not have its own railhead. The closest railhead is at Guwahati located at a distance of 162km from Shillong.

Nongstoin by Road

Nongstoin is located in the North-west direction of Shillong. National Highway NH 44E, connects Shillong to Nongstoin. Which takes around 2 -3 hrs to reach Nongstoin from Shillong.