Shillong, known as the "Scotland of east" is a charming hill town, blessed with spectacular waterfalls, charming gardens and rich cultural heritage. Shillong is a perfect destination which can be visited through out the year. Read to know the best season to visit Shillong.


Shillong's weather is very pleasent during summer. The season is characterised by frequent showers. Maximum temperature during summer does not exceed 25 degree.
The summer season in Shillong starts from the month of May and extends till the end of June.


During Monsoon it rains nearly every day. Shillong is known for its divine beauty during the monsoon season. It is essential to carry raincoats, umbrella and heavy boots to walk during monsoon.


Winter season is quite chilly in Shillong with the temperature dipping to 2°C and maximum temperature does not exceed 15°C.
Winter start in the month of October and last till March.It is best to wear light woolens and cotton clothes during summers & heavy woolen during winters.


Things to do in Shillong

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Meghalaya State Museum
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