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Come and explore the fascinating aspects of Manipur Tourism. Enjoy natural beauty, cascading waterfalls and beautiful landscapes with your family or friends. Tamenglong is the place where you can find a range of orchids. Other popular attractions include Thalon Caves, valleys, hills, lakes and waterfalls. Enjoy the charm of blue hills, green valleys, arresting rivers and dense forests. This small but beautiful town of Manipur is dominated by the Zeliangrong community. The region is on a hilltop. The major rivers are Barak, Irang, Makhru etc. This place has beautiful flora and fauna. It has some of the best evergreen forests. It has some of the most exotic varieties of flowers and wildlife some of which are listed as endangered species.


Barak Waterfall

Barak Waterfall

Burning Meadows

Burning Meadows

Tharon Cave

Tharon Cave


Some of the interesting places to visit in Tamenglong are:

• Barak Waterfall
• Tharon Cave
• Burning meadows
• Zeilad Lake
• Mt Kisha
• Kadai Ching

Along the Barak River tourist can see the beautiful Barak waterfall. There are actually seven waterfalls close to each other and the place looks stunning. One can enjoy river rafting in this area. Tharon Cave which is located at a distance of 27 kms from the district has the map of the entire cave on a stone near the entrance. Around 12 caves are located underneath.

If you want to see fishes, pythons, and water birds then visit the legendary Zeilad lake at Makoi. Tourist can enjoy boating in this area. The Burning (Npiulong) meadow is located in the Taimei Town. This is the place where you will find sparkling brooks, chirping birds and lovely animals. The beautiful lilies and orchids all over the place make the meadows all the more enchanting. If you like adventure then visit Kisha Khou is a must. Here one can do trekking on the cliff of Kisha Khou. You can also enjoy the various festivals of this region which includes Gan-Ngai which signifies the completion of farming activities, Chakkan-Ngai etc which will give you an insight into the culture and traditions of this place.

Tamenglong is a tiny but spectacular place which you must visit to understand the beauty and culture of the lovely state of Manipur. Visit Tamenglong and come closer to nature.

The best time to visit Tamenglong is the winters and the arrival of summers. The favourable months are between September to April. The climate remains pleasing during these months offering tourists the best holiday experience.

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Things to do in Tamenglong

Orange Festival

Witness Colorful Orange Festival

 Khouduang Fall

Enjoy boat ride to Khouduang Fall

Gan-Ngai festival

Enjoy Gan-Ngai festival held in December–January after harvesting season.

Best Time to visit Tamenglong


Between April to July the climate is warmer but also the region experiences rains during the warmer months.


The region has humid subtropical climate and the month of July receives maximum rains.


Winters have a pleasant climate with the month of December being cool and dry.

Some people may not be comfortable with the heavy showers in the rainy season and the high summer temperatures. Therefore, it is best to visit the place between October and April.

How to reach Tamenglong

Tamenglong by Air

Imphal is the nearest airport which is well connected by air with major cities like Delhi, Guwahati and Kolkata.

Tamenglong by Railways

The nearest railhead is Dimapur which is at a distance of 229 km.

Tamenglong by Road

Tamenglong is located at a distance of 49 km from Imphal. Imphal is connected to Guwahati through National Highway no 39 and Silchar through National Highway no 53.

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