Things to do in Manas National Park

Situated in the foothills of the Himalaya, Manas National park is a natural haven for wildlife lovers and nature admirers. Home to vivid wild animals, mammals and birds, it offers lots of activities to tourist. Beautiful Manas river flowing through the park make it spectacular. You will definitely cherish every moment of your holiday here.

Elephant Safari Manas

Elephant Safari

Elephant safari is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy rare species of flora and fauna. Cross over to the Bhutan part of the reserve (which required permissions)for an almost certain sighting of the golden langur.

The summer palace of Bhutan's King is located in the park is worth a visit. Wildlife Safari is available on elephant back, jeep or car. Riding boats in Manash river is an amazing experience.

Elephant rides from Mothanguri are an interesting way to get around the park. But one need advance reservations for this in the Range Forest Officer.

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Jeep Safari Manas

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari is another thrilling experience to enjoy the jungle tour. Jeep Safari offers 60 or 90 km drive. The shorter one takes the following route, from The Bansbari Lodge-Lotajhar-Mothanguri-Gyati-Uchilla-Kuribheel-Buraburi and return; the 90 km itinerary, of special interest to the birdwatcher, takes in the area around the village of Koklabari, which is now being developed as a birdwatching area, then through the jungle to Alabari and Namlang. There are a number of watchtowers built by the forest department on both these routes for wildlife watching.

Safari Timing
Jeep Safari
05:30 - 12:00 Hrs
14:30 - 17:30 Hrs

Elephant Safari
05:30 - 10:00 Hrs
15:00 - 17:30 Hrs

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Boat Riding in Manash

Boat Ride

Boat Riding in Manash River is a wonderful experience. You can spot varieties of animal and water birds while riding. The Forest Department offers boating facility Rs. 2,000 for an 8-seater boat. Boat riding trip generally covers 35 km away from Mathanguri.