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Situated in the foothill of Dehing Patkai range epitomize by its colonial ambience of British culture 'Oil City' Digboi is located. Digboi has a glory of housing the oldest refinery in Asia which was established in 1901. The influence of British colonialism is the portrayal of Digboi which can be seen in the Victorian style architecture of bungalows, golf course and clubs.

Digboi is an offbeat destination having a picturesque 18 hole golf course, instructive and well maintain Digboi oil centenary museum, which was established in 2002 to commemorate 100 years of oil refinery, world war II cemetery, picture perfect Digboi lake with the scenic Park nearby.

Digboi is also famous for traditional textiles and handicrafts, which can be purchased from the local shops and cottage industries, at a reasonable price. Beautiful dolls made from wax are also crafted here.

Digboi Centenary Environment Park

Digboi Centenary Environment Park

Digboi oil centenary museum

Digboi oil centenary museum

Best time to visit Digboi: October to March.

Places to visit in Digboi are:

1. Digboi oil centenary museum
2. Golf course
3. Digboi War Cemetery
4. Digboi lake and Centenary Environment Park.
5. Dehing Patkai National Park

What to do in Digboi

Things to do in Digboi are :

Boat at Dibru Saikhwa National Park

Boat Safari at Dibru Saikhwa National Park

Dehing Patkai wildlife sanctuary travel guide

A trip to Dehing Patkai wildlife sanctuary

Tea tour in upper Assam

Take a tea tour in upper Assam and enjoy lush green tea gardens

Best Time to visit Digboi

Summer in

The summer season starts from the month of May and lasts till June, day temperature ranges between 27°C and 38°C. You can expect few dazzles of light rain in this season.

Monsoons in Digboi

The monsoon season begins from the month of June and lasts till September. This region receives abundant rainfall and the entire region becomes lush green at this time. The temperature ranges between 24°C and 35°C.

Winter in

Winter season starts from the month of December and lasts till February. The temperature ranges between 3°C to 22°C in winter.

How to reach Digboi

Digboi by Air

Dibrugarh Airport is the nearest Airport, which is located at a distance of 65 km. Dibrugarh is connected by flights from major cities of India.

Digboi by Railways

Tinsukia is the nearest railway station, which is at a distance of around 40 Km from Digboi. It is connected by regular trains from Guwahati. From the station, you can catch a bus or hire a taxi to Digboi.

Digboi by Road

A/C and non A/C deluxe coaches are available regularly interval from Guwahati and other important cities to Digboi. Digboi is connected by NH 38 to Guwahati which is situated at a distance of 527 Km.

Local Transportation

Digboi has good commuting options inside the city. Taxis, auto rickshaws, Rikshow and regular bus service are available for transportation in an around Digboi.

Where to stay in Digboi

Several accommodations in wide range are available in Digboi. Some of the best hotels available in Digboi are :

Namdung House

Namdung House

Hotel La Suncity

Hotel La Suncity

Hotel Blue Moon digboi

New Hotel Blue Moon

Places to visit near Digboi

Stillwell Road

Still Well Road / Ledo Road

Located at a distance from 24km from Digboi, the Still well road starts from the Ledo town. Flipping the pages of history, the Stilwell road is a prominent mark of world war II, which connects Northeast India with Burma. It is a 430 km long road, built in 1944 AD, by the British General Vinegar Joe Stillwell. The road was constructed to maintain the flow of supply to China, from Ledo Railhead in Assam.



Located at a distance of 10km from Digboi, the beautiful town of Margherita, formally known as Coal Queen of Assam is located. It is surrounded by splendorous Patkai range hills, and vast stretches of green tea gardens and forests on one side and the Burhi - Dehing River flowing across it on the other. The picturesque Margherita Golf Course is located at the foot of the Patkai hill. Treat yourself by watching the tea making process and a visit to its famous plywood factory can be a unique experience too.

Dibru Saikhowa

Dibru Saikhowa National Park

Situated at a distance of 45 km from Digboi, the paradise for bird lovers the Dibru Saikhowa National Park is located. Dibru-Saikhowa, also a biosphere reserve is surrounded by three of India's easternmost rivers, the mighty Brahmaputra, the Lohit River in the north and the Dibru River on the South. Encircled by the mighty Brahmaputra and Dibru River, the island and its bank has become an internationally acclaimed BIRDING area.
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