Best time to visit Manas National Park

Situated in the foothill of Bhutanese Himalaya in the state of Assam, Manas national park is a UNESCO world heritage site included under nature category. It is a pristine forest regarded as a Project Tiger reserve and a biosphere reserve in India. Read to know more about best season to visit and timing of Manas National Park.

Opening month: The park remains open from October to May.

Best season: November - March

Opening Hours: The park remains open from early morning 5:30 am till sun sets around 4:30 pm depending on the weather condition.

Weather of Manas National Park


The summer season in Manas starts from the month of May and extends till the September. The season is extreme humidity and frequent showers. The average temperature in summer is 22 to 38 degree Celsius. Unfortunately, Manas National park remains closed during summer due to flood.


Manas National Park received moderate to heavy rainfall during the monsoon months of June to August. The road inside the park remains inaccessible during monsoon.


The winter season at the place falls from the month of November and stays till the month of February. The average temperature in winter is 5 to 18 degree Celsius. Temperature drops drastically at night, so jackets or pullovers are needed after sunset. Winter is the best season to visit the park.