About Nexplore

We are a small team of wanderlust traveller and location specialist based on northeast India. We travelled various places across India and got to see many wonders & attractions. And now we are on a mission to explore North East India and its mystical hills, snow clad mountains, wavering rivers, stubborn plains, exclusive flora & fauna and the legendary cultural heritage. We are amazed to see the beauty of mother nature in Northeast India.

And thus we started "nexplore.org" to promote northeast worldwide, to guide and encourage the Travellers' across the globe to come and explore the virgin beauty of Northeast India. We will help you to unleash the possibilities of travel in Northeast India by providing the insights and custom packages you need to experience the trips you want. It's like having a friend in North East India to guide you at any time.

We choose the best Tourist Packages for you at an affordable price. The packages we create, combine hand-picked hotels and resorts in some of the stunning destinations of Northeast India. We have a team of specialists which ensures that your trip is well managed, right from providing advice on different destinations and holiday packages to confirmation of your request and ensuring that your trip is an unforgettable experiences in your travel profile.

Please reach us for any further queries or information. Contact us at support@nexplore.org.
We would love to hear from you and welcome any suggestions, feedback or comments you may have.

We help the traveller to connect with Northeast India and its diverge culture.

Our mission

Starting from a tourism portal to a destination specialist, our mission is to connect Northeast India to the rest of the world. Be it an adventurous holidays or a Mountaineering Camp at the base of Himalayas, we provide access to all the facilities in one place. We serve guests with a native homelike facility and provide memory to treasure for a lifetime.

The Nexplore Team is your friend to lead you to see and enjoy the fantastic beauty of "The land of seven sisters".