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Nongstoin is the head quarter of West Khasi Hills District surrounded by lush green hilly terrain. It is a heaven for adventure lovers. Main attraction of this tranquil hamlet is Nongkhnum Island, which is the second largest island in Asia. Another popular attraction are Kyllang rock, Langshiang falls and Weinia falls.

Some interesting places to visit in Nongstoin are:

• Mawthadraishan Peak and Lakes
• Kyllang Rock
• Nongkhnum Island
• Weinia bridge
• War Lake
• Thum Falls
• Pamphyrnai Lake

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Attractions near Nongstoin

Kyllang Rock

Located at a distance of 78 km from Shillong, Kyllang Rock is a several million years old massive dome shaped rock of granite which rise at an elevation of about 5400 ft above sea level. It measures 1,000 fts. across in diameter. The rock can be accessed from the northern and eastern flanks. It is believed that the rock possesses some sort of magnetic field, so no one will fall from the slope. The road to Kyllang rock is very beautiful. In its southern site, enormous detached blocks of rock are located and dense forests with several ponds are located in the northern side containing age-old red Rhododendron trees and oaks besides white Rhododendron trees.

Kyllang Rock

Located at a distance of 64km from Shillong on the Shillong-Mawkyrwat road, it is hot springs of sulphur water, which are believed to have medicinal properties. Bathing compartments are available around the spring for public.


Ranikor is a small town located on the border of India and Bangladesh, at a distance of 140 km from shillong. It is a paradise for angling lovers . Various species of fishes like Golden Mahseers, Golden Carp, Silver Carp and Common Carp are available here. The dark blue deep waters of Jadukata river and magnificent cantilever Jaduguda Bridge is very pleasing. Annual beach festival is held here every year in October/ November.

Pamphyrnai lake

Situated around 10 kms. from Nongstoin at Ksehkohlong it is a picturesque lake surrounded by lush green hills. Nestled between hillocks, the total area of the lake is about 2.2 hectares which is about three times the size of Wards Lake and the average depth is about 12 ft. Annual angling completion is held here to promote tourism.

Pamphyrnai lake
Nongkhnum Island

Nongkhnum Island is a pictureque location located in west garo hills district. It is acclaimed as the second biggest river island in Asia. It is created by the confluence of Kynshi River into the Phanliang River and the Namliang River. Located about 14 Kms from Nongstoin, picturesque, architectural wonder Weinia bridge is the entry point of Nongkhnum Island . Shrouded with trees and large patches of grasslands, the Island offer a rejoicing holiday for everyone. There are plenty of fishing pools available near the sandy shore to enjoy angling. It is a place of immense scenic beauty and is often favoured by visitors as a picnic spot.

At the point of divergence, there is a beautiful sandy beach of 100 sq. meters in area is formed. The Phanliang River forms a beautiful lake adjacent to the sandy beach. This lake is about 400 to 500 sq. meters long. The River then moves forward and converted to 'Shadthum Fall' at a height of 60 meters. It then continues its journey and finally reunites with the Namliang River, near a place called Thongrin.

Nongkhnum Island

Best Time to visit Nongstoin


The summer season in Nongstoin starts from the month of May and extends till the end of June. The season is characterised by frequent showers. Maximum temperature during summer does not exceed 25 degree.


During Monsoon it rains nearly every day. Nongstoin is known for its divine beauty during the monsoon season. .


Winter season is quite chilly in Nongstoin with the temperature dipping to 2°C and maximum temperature does not exceed 15 °C. Winter start in the month of October and last till March.It is best to wear light woolens and cotton clothes during summers & heavy woolen during winters.

How to reach Nongstoin

Nongstoin by Air

Umroi Airport at Shillong is the nearest airport, which is located at distance of 96 kms. from Shillong town. Guwahati International Airport is the nearest International Airport located at a distance of 129 km. from Shillong. Frequent buses and taxis ply between Guwahati and Shillong regularly.

Nongstoin by Railways

Nongstoin does not have its own railhead. The closest railhead is at Guwahati located at a distance of 162km. Guwahati railway station is well connected with all major cities of India.

Shillong by Road

Nongstoin is located in the North-west direction of Shillong. National Highway NH 44E, connects Shillong to Nongstoin. Which takes around 2 -3 hrs to reach Nongstoin from Shillong.

Where to stay in Nongstoin

Major Hotels Resorts in Shillong are :


Mawphanlur Traveller's Nest

You can also stay in Shillong and go for a full day tour to Nongstoin and then 2 hrs hike to reach Nongkhnum island.

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