Top places to visit and activities to do in Cherrapunji

Things to do in Cherrapunji

Cherrapunee is a most sought after tourist destination in Northeast India. The natural beauty of Cherrapuji attract lots of tourists every year. It has numerous options for tourists like nature wonder Double Decker Living Root Bridge, Caves, Longest waterfalls - Nohkalikai, Dain Thlen etc. Read to know more about Top things to do in Cherrapunjee.

activities in cherrapuji

Exploring the splendid waterfalls like Nohkalikai, Dain Thlen falls etc.

Living root bridge Cherrapunjee

Go for trekking in the double-decker living root bridge.

things to do in cherrapunjee

Enjoy cycling in the rough terrain of Cherrapunji.

Top places to visit Mawsmai Cave Cherrapunji

Go for a caving expedition inside Mawsmai Cave.

Mawsynram Tour

Enjoy drizzling rain and misty weather at Mawsynram, the wettest place on earth.

Ramkrishna Mission Cherrapunji

Visit Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama located in the heart of Cherrapunjee.

Kynrem Falls

Witness the majestic Kynrem Falls, the highest waterfall in Meghalaya from its bottom.

Sa-I-Mika Park

Spent an evening with your kids at Sa-I-Mika Park.

Sa-I-Mika Park

Visit Khoh Ramhah, the giant coned shape single rock formation.